Welcome to

1-UP Digital

Your token to levelling up your business!

Welcome to

1-UP Digital

Your token to levelling up your business!


Pixel-perfect logos and graphics that will level up your businesses branding. From super cool apparel designs to eye-catching billboards and vehicle wraps that command attention like a boss battle to social media graphics that stop the scroll and get your followers to hit the “like” button faster than a high-score combo. We will help your business crack the code and conquer the world of print and digital design.


Let’s build you a website that will level up your online presence. From responsive layouts that load faster than a warp zone, to intuitive navigation that guides visitors like a trusty sidekick, we’ll create an online hub that’s user-friendly, captures consumers attention, and leaves a lasting impression. Let’s dominate the digital world with a website that’ll have your competitors mashing their keyboards in frustration.

Innovated and Ground-Breaking Solutions for your Business. 

Here at 1-UP Digital, we have what we like to consider ‘A Dream Team’, a professional designer and a professional developer, living under the same roof. That’s right, our business is ran by a super nerdy husband and wife duo. Which provides our clients with easy access to their marketing team. Being millennials means we know a thing or two on all this nerdy tech stuff that no one reaaally understands or has a spare moment to learn about. So, let us take care of that boring part for you.

Our mission? To make revolutionary decisions that build you brand into so much more than the ordinary. 

Meet the Team!

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Web & Graphic Designer


Web Developer


Project Manager


Social Media Specialist

Join these happy clients & blast away the Competition

Join these happy clients & blast away the Competition

Logo Design

Web. App. Print. We do it all.


Website Design & Development


Mobile & Web App Design


Logo & Brand Identities


Stationery, Apparel, Vehicle Wraps & more!


We live in a digital world, and having a remarkable website allows you to expand your target audience, educate your viewers and demonstrate your business all while providing accessibility around the clock.

Website Design
App Design


At 1-UP Digital, we go beyond graphic design and web development. We understand the crucial role that user interface (UI) plays in creating exceptional digital experiences. That’s why we proudly offer UI design as a service to our clients.


Our branding service is a catalyst for transforming your business into an unforgettable brand. Your businesses branding goes beyond just a logo and a colour palette – it’s about crafting a cohesive and compelling identity that resonates with your target audience both online and offline.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Elevate your business game with 1-UP Digital’s Search Engine Marketing service. Watch as we boost your online presence, drive targeted traffic, and level up your success in the digital arena. Say goodbye to problems and hello to prosperity with our proven expertise at your service.

Search Engine Optimization

At 1-UP Digital, we don’t just level up your web design; we boost your visibility too! We will ensure your brand takes center stage on the world wide web. Optimizing your online presence, using a strategic blend of keywords, x tricks, and a touch of pixel magic. Its our mission to ensure your brand doesn’t fall onto page 2 of any browser, because let’s be honest, nobody is continueing their search after just a few scrolls.

Search algorithms change on the daily,  so we will ensure your website is active and up-to-date with the latest web trends in order to catapult your website to the top levels of search results. 🚀🕹️ 

Search Engine Optimization


With our expertise in social media analytics and insights, we continuously optimize your social media presence to maximize reach, engagement, and conversions. Let 1-UP Digital be your trusted partner in conquering the social media landscape and unlocking the full potential of your brand. 

Not seeing what your after? Contact us to find out if we are the right team for your job. If we can’t help, we will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction.

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What your 1-UP

 Experience will get you.

The Dedication

Choose us, and you’re not just getting a service—you’re gaining a dream team fuelled by dedication and passion, committed to turning your vision into a reality.

The Explosion

As a local startup, nobody shows as much passion, dedication, and drive to explode your sales, as 1-UP Digital does. Let’s propel your business to unprecedented heights!

The Coin.

Sit back and watch your business turn into a coin-generating powerhouse. While our dedicated team delivers the financial success you’ve been dreaming of.

Brilliant Business Strategies Coming Down The Pipe!

Wanting to kick your marketing into overdrive? What are you waiting for?

Being able to identify a brand with just a simple glance can be crucial. Our job is to communicate your companies personality and values into visual elements, resulting in one-of-a-kind designs. Your fresh and established new look will have your company looking professional and cutting-edge while creating a trustworthy and recognizable look for your business.

1-UP Digital is the missing piece you have been waiting for…

1-UP Digital is the missing piece you have been waiting for

At 1-UP Digital, We know all of the cheat codes to help you unlock the power ups needed to conquer the digital world. We’re here to make your digital branding dreams come true, so let us be your player two on this epic journey of guiding your business through each and every level of this evolving industry while reaching game-changing results.

Helping over 50+ companies climb the ladder to success

Let’s build you a brand everyone will be talking about…