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About 1-UP Digital

We’ll admit it, we are a couple of nerds.

A husband and wife duo who both grew up playing all the classic video games that shaped many childhoods, and if we are being honest, we are STILL having a lot of troubles growing out of that “phase.”

So, 1-UP Digital was born. Founder, Kianna Paul and Co-founder, Steven Speers recognized they had their nostalgic memories to thank for their creativity and passion for all things digital.

“ At 1-UP Digital, our decision to embrace retro gaming as our branding inspiration goes beyond the realm of mere graphic design and web development. These classic games are where it all began. Combining 8 BIT graphics with the world of code created the beginning of this now highly advanced interactive industry. “

Kianna vividly remembers staying up all night playing all the classics with her big brother and being memorized by how each game told its own creative story and all the joyful journeys her and her brother went on together.

Steven’s love for gaming runs deep. He recalls ????????

Those game changing journeys mirror the world of web and graphics. Business branding should not only tell its own unique story, but it should tag team with the user interface to take users on a memorable  journey that creates a lasting impression.

“ As we previously mentioned, we are a husband and wife millennial duo. Who eat, sleep, and breathe technology.

Lucky for you, that means we are the closest thing to a true in-house dream team. We bounce ideas off each other around the clock, literally. “

While our primary services revolve around and web development and digital designs, our choice to embrace retro gaming as our branding is a testament to our commitment to timeless design principles, innovative thinking, and the relentless pursuit of pushing the boundaries of creativity and evoking the same sense of wonder and excitement as playing those games for the first time.

We believe that nostalgia holds a treasure trove of creativity and imaginative experiences that can be harnessed to craft creative designs that truly transcends boundaries.

Our team’s deep passion for retro gaming and appreciation for the artistry behind these timeless classics empower us to bring a fresh perspective and and a dash of nostalgia to every project we undertake. We are driven by the values and aesthetics that this era represents.

So, whether we’re crafting a logo, developing intuitive user interfaces, optimizing a website, or designing captivating brand identities, our love for retro gaming serves as a catalyst for our creativity, propelling us to create designs that not only look amazing and stand the test of time, but also evoke a sense of fondness, exploration, and excitement within your target audience.

So to answer the question, I’m sure most of you are wondering. No, we don’t CURRENTLY offer Game development as a service, it is something we continuously work towards implementing into our company and you will be able to witness our learning and growth in this new world by navigating around our website and testing out our games as we go!